Letter to the Editor

01/19/2011 To whom it may concern: This is in response to the anonymous letter to the editor printed November 17 in the Northern Student regarding our spring break 2011 ice fishing trip.  In the letter, the author expresses concern about using a particular commercial fishing guide from Rainy River and goes on with a list of grievances against said outfitter.  They go on to draw distinctions between acceptable and unacceptable

BREC Begins Booking More Shows

BSU Student Surveying to Help Determine Prospective Performances Amy Borgman | Guest Writer | 01/19/2011 The Sanford Center (formerly the BREC) has been completed for several months now, and many college students and residents are anticipating the upcoming concerts it will host. So far, the event center has hosted multiple men’s hockey games and a few successful performances including one by Larry the Cable Guy. In charge of booking talent
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Column: Life, the Big Game

Bill Stafford | Sports Columnist | 01/19/2011 As the the NFL playoffs begin, the NBA season is in full swing, the NHL is flourishing in the dead of winter, and the San Francisco Giants are finishing the clean up from their championship celebration. I've been thinking, when will the streets of Minneapolis or St. Paul be covered with ticker tape? When will people be hanging from balconies and tipping over

Talley Gallery Exhibit’s ‘Mish Mash’

Emily Rice | Staff Writer | 01/19/2011 Derrick Riley, from Lexington, Ken., will be featuring his artwork in the Talley Gallery in the Education Arts Building between now and February 16. The exhibit, titled “Mish Mash,” is primarily imagery done via woodcut and woodcut collage. With its sketch-like look, each image represents everyday life, repetition and consumerism. Riley’s artist statement reflects on his purpose behind his imagery. “The reflection of

Ask Amber

Amber Gran | A&E Editor | 01/19/2011 Dear Amber, There is this really cute guy who I've been watching from afar since freshman year. He's really cute.  It's just that every time I try to approach him, I seem unable to do anything but turn around and walk away, embarrassed.  He's really cute and is on the hockey team and real nice and cute. I've only talked to him a couple

“Whistling At Dawn” Comes to Gallery X

Peder Aalgaard | Staff Writer | 01/19/2011 Gallery X is currently hosting “Whistling at Dawn,” an exhibit of photography by Leif Voltz, an elementary education major. Voltz’s interest in photography started around the age of 13, when he received his first camera. Later on, he used a digital camera his father owned for his job. He took pictures around his grandmother’s farm, which impressed his parents. This was Voltz’s first

Sports Quick Hits

Nick Ross | Sports & Outdoors Editor |01/19/2011 Men’s hockey remains unbeaten by UNO, after a tie and an overtime victory this past weekend.  Junior goaltender Dan Bakala made over 60 saves, and BSU got goals from senior Matt Read, who scored 2, and senior Ryan Cramer, junior Matt Carlson and freshmen Radoslav Illo.  The Beavers tied 2-2 on Friday, and won 3-2 on Saturday. Women’s hockey was swept by
Campus News

Handicapped Students Forced to Bear the Cold

Kim Powell | Staff Writer | 01/19/2011 Every morning, Samantha Hosch bundles up in layers and wraps a scarf around her face as she makes her way to class through the snow and icy weather in her electric wheelchair. The majority of the tunnel system at BSU is not equipped with wheelchair ramps; it forces handicap students and faculty to travel outside while on campus. This is especially taxing during

Vampire Physiology

Andrew Lindquist | Copy Editor | 01/19/2011 According to vampiric legend, vampires have no pulse, no breath, do not eat and are for all intents and purposes dead. Over the centuries, vampire lore has moved from attributing the cause of vampirism from supernatural or spiritual phenomena to scientific reasons, such as an inability to sustain hemoglobin. If we follow these rules to through to conclusion, vampires would have no ability to heal themselves, due
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Health-Oriented Organizations Unite to Improve Student Health

Dallas Steffen | Staff Writer | 01/19/2011 Healthy BS-U, an on-campus health fair, was launched in the Beaux Arts Ballroom January 12. The fair brought the health programs and businesses of Bemidji together, with the intention of educating BSU students and the public about living a healthy lifestyle and giving them the resources and information for the services and products available. One of the products displayed at the event was