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Education Arts Building Renamed

Alyssa Muench | Staff Writer | 10-5-2012 On Sept. 28, the Education Arts building, which held its name for 52 years, was renamed Bensen Hall in honor of M. James Bensen.   Bensen was the eighth president of Bemidji State University. He was the first and only alumnus to become Bemidji State University’s president. Bensen graduated from BSU in 1959 and served as president from 1994-2001. Director of Communications and
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BSU’s Drinking Policy and Tobacco-Free Policy are Different

Jillian Gandsey | Staff Writer | 11-15-2011 BSU’s Director of Residential Life, R. Dale Ladig, has been with BSU since 1978 and ever since he can remember alcohol has been prohibited on state college campuses.  Only a few things have changed since then. When Ladig started at BSU, it was a state law that all colleges in the MnSCU system weren’t allowed to have alcohol on campus. “I believe in
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Dave Long, Head of Parking Enforcement, Retires

Jillian Gandsey | Staff Writer | 11-6-11 After being employed as a campus security officer at BSU for 24 years, David Long retired on Tuesday, November 1st.  Ensuring public safety is something that Long has always taken pride in.  He also enjoyed the unpredictability that his job had offered him.  “There’s a certain amount of freedom and yet, you don’t know when that radio is going to go off,” said
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A New Law is Pending for Skateboarders and Long-boarders

Jillian Gandsey | Staff Writer | 11-2-2011 Excellent news is potentially in store for those who enjoy the hobby of skateboarding or long-boarding.  Student senate has begun to make progress toward the legalizing skateboards and long-boards on campus.  Co-presidents Charlie Woodson and David Andrade have been working eagerly since the beginning of the fall semester for this mode of transportation to be an option to students. “It’s the new bicycle,”