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Sustainability Office Offers Practical Advice on House Plants

Jordan Shearer | Staff Writer | 4-25-2012 [caption id="attachment_1629" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Photos by: Kailer Overman"][/caption] The Sustainability Office recently hosted a traditional skills workshop in which they taught students how to work with and manage houseplants.  BSU Sustainability Coordinator Erika Bailey-Johnson led the workshop.  During the event, participants learned the general characteristics of four different houseplants as well as important information regarding their care. This is the third year that
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BSU Hosts 39th Annual Pow Wow

Alice Thielges | Staff Writer | 4-23-2012 Last week the Council of Indian Students held the 39th annual Pow Wow in Bemidji, in the John Glas Field House. Pow Wows are a way of bringing communities together to sing, dance, and just be happy with each other’s company. Pow Wows were not allowed before the American Indian Religious Freedom Act was passed in 1978. However, to keep the culture alive,
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Dance Follies: A Community of Styles

Jordan Shearer | Staff Writer | 4-17-2012 [caption id="attachment_1591" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Photo by: Kailer Overman"][/caption] For three consecutive days, dancers of all capacities gathered in the PE Complex Gymnasium to perform four shows in the 66th annual Funtastic Dance Follies.  The performances included a vast number of dance styles from over fifty college and community dancers. Two of the routines are Dance Follies traditions, like “Beep Beep.”  It is a
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New Milkshake Machine: C3 Brings All The Boys to Yard

Alice Thielges | Staff Writer | 4-11-2012 [caption id="attachment_1546" align="aligncenter" width="200" caption="Photo by: Kailer Overman"][/caption] How many miles do you have to travel to get to the nearest place to grab a milkshake? Five? Ten? None? We can all say none. Walnut Hall’s C3 store has just added a milkshake machine, provided by Aramark, the company that operates the C3 stores, Lakeside Food Court, Upper Deck, and Northwoods Dining Center
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Students Offer Tax Help

Alice Thielges | Staff Writer | 3-30-2012 [caption id="attachment_1492" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="A student helps clients with tax forms. Photo by: Kailer Overman"][/caption] BSU students who have completed the course Income Taxes I and passed the IRS certification test not only get the satisfaction of academic achievement, but are also qualified to assist others with their taxes. The IRS has a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA) to which these students
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English Department Starts Project “Cre8”

Jordan Shearer | Staff Writer | 3-30-2012 In spite of being wounded from budget cuts through recalibration, the artistic branch of Bemidji State University is rediscovering how to thrive on campus by drawing its members into a community where they can publish and display their individual works, as well as learn from the creations of fellow writers and artists. The BSU English department will be offering two internship publishing classes
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Birch will be Open for Fall 2012

Jordan Shearer | Staff Writer | 3-29-2012 [caption id="attachment_1479" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Birch is newly furnished and remodeled and will be opened to students for the Fall 2012 semester. Photos by: Kailer Overman"][/caption] After months of construction-caused chaos, the renovated version of Birch Hall is nearing completion and will be open in the fall semester of 2012 for residents to move in. It’s the time of year for students to decide
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Supper for a Buck; Cheap Meals and Good Company

Alice Thielges | Staff Writer | 3-22-2012 [caption id="attachment_1453" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Students enjoy Supper for a Buck at the Lutheran Campus Ministry every Thursday. Photo by: Kailer Overman"][/caption] Here at BSU, there is a lot of diversity across the  student body. From loving to hunt, fi sh, figure skate or play ball, there is one thing students all have in common: We love to eat.  There is only one problem
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BSU Hosts the Northern Minnesota Regional Science Fair

[caption id="attachment_1428" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="This is the 59th year that Bemidji has hosted the Northern Minnesota Regional Science Fair. Photo by: Kailer Overman"][/caption] Jordan Shearer | Staff Writer | 3-3-2012 This past weekend, Bemidji State University became the gathering place for over one hundred middle and high school students who participated in the Northern Minnesota Regional Science Fair, where presenters were judged on both papers and projects, ultimately competing for
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Condom Bingo Caps Off Sexual Responsibility Week

[caption id="attachment_1370" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Students gathered in the Oak Hall Lounge on Thursday, February 16th for a few rounds of Condom Bingo, one of the many events of Sexual Responsibility Week. Photo by: Kailer Overman"][/caption] Morgan Bartlett | Staff Writer | 2-20-2012 When the question, “What do you call someone who has never engaged in sexual intercourse?” was called, a chorus of voices intoned, “A virgin…” But one student sitting