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Administration to Update Classrooms

Alex Schlee | Staff Writer | 4-20-2012 [caption id="attachment_1613" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Photos by: Laura Talaska"][/caption] Many feel that BSU’s classrooms are in need of updating.  In the coming months, BSU administration will have their sights set on carrying out these updates, though which classrooms will be renovated is yet to be determined. A request for proposals to update some classrooms around BSU was due on March 31, and a decision
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Committed to the Community: Termination of Employment Doesn’t Stop These Professors

Sara Wielenberg | Staff Writer | 4-14-2012 [caption id="attachment_1570" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Photo by: Laura Talaska"][/caption] As many students know, nearly twenty professors in the Humanities departments will no longer be teaching at Bemidji State due to the recalibration. Some professors took the proffered early retirement, while others had their positions eliminated. Two such professors are Dr. Carla Norris-Raynbird and Dr. Kyle Crocker. These two professors are being pushed into leaving
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A New Application for your Smartphone: Ah-Ha! Moments

Sara Wielenberg | Staff Writer | 4-10-2012 [caption id="attachment_1539" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="A total of 20 BSU students participated in the Ah-Ha! Moments presentation on April 3rd. Photo by: Laura Talaska"][/caption] The Ah-Ha! Moments presentation brought in around 20 students to learn about micro-aggressions and a new smartphone app. The Ah-Ha! Moments presenters were from the University of Minnesota-Morris. Tracy Peterson had the idea for the Ah-Ha! Moments app in 2006,
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Spring Fever Hits BSU

Alex Schlee | Staff Writer | 3-26-2012 [caption id="attachment_1458" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Students enjoy the spring weather with a game of tennis. Photo by: Laura Talaska"][/caption] After an unprecedentedly mild winter, spring has arrived to the dismay of none here in Bemidji.  Not even a month after a thick blanket of snow dominated the terrain and over 10 inches of ice covered the lake, the grass is going greener than BSU’s
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Soup Kitchen Serving Bemidji for 25 Years

Sara Wielenberg | Staff Writer | 2-29-2012 [caption id="attachment_1405" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Two Bemidji churches provide sites for the soup kitchen: United Methodist and Mount Zion. Photo by: Laura Talaska"][/caption] Bemidji’s soup kitchen, in action for about 25 years, currently serves about 300 people a week during their three one-hour serving sessions. For 18 years, Gloria Joy has been the “head lady,” as she called it, of the soup kitchen. The
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Uff’s Take n Bake: A Little Less Sauce, A Lot More Flavors

Sara Wielenberg | Staff Writer | 2-3-2012 Open for little more than two months, Uff’s Hometown Take n Bake offers sixteen different specialty pizzas along with their pastas and desserts. Right at the top of the menu’s pizza list is Uff’s Special.  The restaurant is owned by local Darren Ufford and the walls are sparsely decorated with a Beavers jersey and a Lumberjacks jersey. The lighting was low in the

Aaron Tank Disappoints With “Dancing With No Music”

Laura Talaska | A&E Writer | 11-29-2011 If you are looking for an album to relax to, Aaron Tank’s new album “Dancing With No Music” is the album for you.  “Dancing With No Music” consists of 12 tracks full of wonderful instrumentals and Tank’s unique vocals. His music has a very country/folk vibe to it. Almost every song on “Dancing With No Music” contains very simple lyrics. In his first