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How To: Write a Cover Letter

Kris Vetter | Managing Editor | 03/30/2011 Whether you're applying for a summer stint, a once-in-a-life-time internship, or your first job in the real world, cover letters are a must. A cover letter is the first (and sometimes only) impression you have on a potential employer. A good cover letter piques interest and gives memorable specifics in addition to highlighting your qualifications. Before you write the body of your letter,
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Consultant Meets Students and Staff about Tobacco Use Ban

Dallas Steffen | Staff Writer | 03/30/2011 Ty Patterson, Co-Director of the National Center for Tobacco Policy (NCTP), consulted students, staff, and community members March 22 and 23 about the changes being made to BSU's tobacco policy. These changes will be enacted in two phases. The first phase, on April 1, which will introduce the campus to the ban but not punish violators of the smoking policy. Phase two, which
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Athletes of the Week

Nick Ross | Sports and Outdoors Editor | 03/30/2011 Ryan Sander Ryan Sander is this week’s male athlete of the week, for his superb pitching performance on Sunday, March 27th.  Sander only allowed six hits, while striking out seven and walking two, shutting down Upper Iowa University, and getting just the second complete game shutout for a Bemidji pitcher since 2004.  The only other complete game shutout for a pitcher

How To: Select a Movie

Peder Aalgaard | Staff Writer | 03/30/2011 At some point in everyone’s life, a person may find themselves walking away from a movie that was less than extraordinary. Trailers are assigned the job of hyping up a movie and revealing all the good things that are sure to come. Sitting in a theater, some of the best things can be seen in a collection of trailers shown before the feature
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Tennis Topples U-Mary

Nick Ross | Sports and Outdoors Writer | 03/30/2011 Thce BSU tennis team notched their second win of the season last weekend, putting them just one win shy of last year’s overall total.  The Beavers won 8 of 9 matches, falling in the no. 1 singles match only, while sweeping all three doubles matches. In the no. 1 singles position, senior Kara Johnson was the lone Beaver defeat on the
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Beavers Fall in Husky Husky Dome Tournament

Alex Berg | Sports Writer | 03/30/2011 The Bemidji State softball team lost 2-0 to Jamestown College in its first game of the Husky Dome Tournament in St. Cloud on March 26. Jamestown began the game with 2 singles from its first two hitters. The Jimmies added another pair of hits in the inning to grab an early 2-0 lead after a half inning of play. The Beavers (1-4) answered
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Hanson Replies to Student’s Official Response

Maki Presents Latest Budget Data Dallas Steffen | Staff Writer | 03/30/2011 The BSU Student Association met with President Hanson on March 23 to hear his reply to their recalibration response, discuss the status of the university budget and the new tobacco policy. President Hanson began by praising the student response, saying, “The observations made by students were insightful.  The document was well received and written in its communication.” Hanson
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Security Reports

Compiled by Mike Chambers | News Editor | 03/30/2011 3/21 Property, Found A BSU ID was found and returned to its owner. 3/22 Alarm, Intrusion Public Safety and the Bemidji Police Dept. responded to the OPC for an audible intrusion alarm. Property, Found A BSU ID was found and returned to its owner. 3/23 Property, Lost A key card was reported lost in Linden Hall. Larceny, Theft An individual reported
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BSUSA Looks at Communication

Peder Aalgaard | Staff Writer | 03/30/2011 The BSU Student Association meetings on February 23 focused mostly on communication. With senate elections for new co-presidents and senators coming up at the end of March (March 28 to April 1), University Liaison Arthur Johnson brought up an idea to try to draw more students to be a part of campus politics. While the elections will run normally (senators will either be
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Free Speech Redux: Bulletin Board in Hagg-Sauer Speaks for All

Kim Powell | Staff Writer | 03/30/2011 Faculty and students are expressing their opinions on President Hanson’s recalibration plan on a bulletin board placed in Hagg-Sauer Hall. “If students get real education, they might rise above their due stations; so call in Dick Hanson (or maybe Chuck Manson) to give us some ‘recalibration!’” stated a post on the bulletin board by Brian Donovan, an English professor. Donovan is responsible for