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Reviews: Walk the Moon

Matt Lavrenz | A&E Writer | 4-19-2012 One fun thing about listening to music that is “less than heard of” is the fact that you can pick and choose what will be the next big hit. For example, Adele became an overnight superstar on the radio dial recently, even though her most recent album, “21,” dropped about a year before it was heard on a broadcast. The most recent song
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Review: Madeon

Matt Lavrenz | A&E Writer | 3-12-2012 Every once in a while a musician comes along that stands above most others. This artist has the ability to make people feel certain ways and get into the music. Sometimes this is because they have a unique sound, sometimes because of sheer talent and sometimes because of both.  And sometimes, this artist is 17. Madeon is a 17-year-old French musician who specializes

Gotye Debuts in the States with “Making Mirrors”

Matt Lavrenz | Staff Writer | 3-1-2012 These days, the Internet is a powerful tool for emerging artists and introducing well-known foreign talent to other countries.  It's helped now-superstars like Justin Bieber, and made a duo like Karmin popular just from their covers. In the last month, another artist, Gotye (go-ti-yay), has gained quite a bit of momentum in the United States with celebrities like Carson Daly and Ryan Seacrest
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Review: Shearwater Releases “Animal Joy”

Matt Lavrenz | A&E Writer | 2-23-2012 In the midst of Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, and Adele dominating the radio dial, the first band that comes to your mind as some great new music almost certainly isn’t Shearwater. Shearwater is an alternative-indie band from Austin, Texas that formed as a side-project of Okkervil River, also from Austin. They are really not a new band considering their first album, The Dissolving
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Review: Bua at Brigid’s Cross

Matt Lavrenz | A&E Writer | 2-11-2012 When my good friend Caige told me there was a Contemporary Irish-Folk band playing at Brigid’s Cross, one of the Irish pubs downtown, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. On the ride to the show, images of 75-year-old kilt-clad Irishmen scanned through my mind. When we arrived at the pub, we were greeted by an old bearded man wearing a fedora. My