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Condom Bingo Caps Off Sexual Responsibility Week

[caption id="attachment_1370" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Students gathered in the Oak Hall Lounge on Thursday, February 16th for a few rounds of Condom Bingo, one of the many events of Sexual Responsibility Week. Photo by: Kailer Overman"][/caption] Morgan Bartlett | Staff Writer | 2-20-2012 When the question, “What do you call someone who has never engaged in sexual intercourse?” was called, a chorus of voices intoned, “A virgin…” But one student sitting
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Coffee, Anyone?

Morgan Bartlett | Staff Writer | 2-7-2012 It’s a fact: People enjoy coffee. Particularly college students -- it’s the easiest way to guarantee attentiveness in those long lecture classes. If you happen to be one of those people who enjoy the occasional--or constant--caffeinated pick-me-up, you are in luck; there are plenty of places that cater to your liquid energy addiction. The Wild Hare Bistro is by far the most unique
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Canine Bailout

Morgan Bartlett | Staff Writer | 1-30-2012 If someone asked you to donate money to a bail fund, the last thing you’d expect the money to go to is to bail out someone’s beloved pet dog. This is exactly the case with BSU junior Jake Seaton’s dog, Rosco. After being accidentally let out at a house party in Nymore on Saturday, January 14th around 3:30 am, unbeknownst to Seaton, Rosco