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Library adds new computer lab

Peder Aalgaard | Staff Writer | 02-07-2013 During winter break, the A.C. Clark Library made a new addition to its first floor.  Computers were added in the lowest floor, which has so far been computer-free. They are not brand new but were moved from a Deputy Hall computer lab due to renovation being done in the building. The Mac computers are using dual operating systems that allow students to choose
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Third Annual Suicide Prevention Week Builds Awareness

  Peder Aalgaard | Staff Writer | 12-03-2012 Bemidji State University held its third year of Suicide Prevention Week. While this is normally held in September, organizing this sort of event has been difficult at the beginning of the year, which is why it was moved to November. Suicide Prevention Week is made up of events every day of the week meant to help students become more aware of the
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Here Comes the Hoard

Peder Aalgaard | Staff Writer | 11-15-2012 Last week, Bemidji State University hosted its first Humans vs. Zombies event. After registering on the website, students were able to participate in the week-long game. The goal was to either be the human with the longest game life or the zombie with the most kills. A total of 43 students signed up for a chance to be the last survivor. The winner
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Birch Unveiled New Look

Peder Aalgaard | Staff Writer | 10-11-12 On Friday, Sept. 28, Birch Hall hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony after a successful reopening. The hall was open to the public so anyone who wished could see the drastic changes made during the renovation. Tours were led by the residential assistants (RAs) working in Birch this year. The tours showed each floor’s new look, the rebuilt tunnels, the laundry room, and what the
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Prop Room Giveaway

Peder Aalgaard | Staff Writer | 4-27-2012 Photo by: Patrick Rudlang After many years of servicing the theater department’s plays, the prop rooms in Bangsberg are going out of commission. These props include toys, suitcases, old phones, ugly pictures, and anything else that might need to be on stage during performances. With the theater program closing down, there will be little demand for the props to be used by campus
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BSU Wicca Club: Shadows End

[caption id="attachment_1376" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="This symbolic quartz pendant represents healing, friendship, and a softer form of love. Photo by Patrick Rudlang."][/caption] Peder Aalgaard | Staff Writer | 2-21-2012 This semester, students of Bemidji State University started a Wicca discussion group on campus called Shadows End. The purpose of the group is to give people a chance to better understand a religion that has some negative connotations. The group is run
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Small Residential Changes to Come

Peder Aalgaard | Staff Writer | 2-9-2012 [caption id="attachment_1301" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Photo by Patrick Rudlang"][/caption] Residential Life will be making a few changes in on-campus housing for the upcoming years. Beginning next fall, all freshmen will be required to be a part of the First Year Residential Experience (FYRE) program. The buildings reserved for FYRE are all of Oak Hall, all of Pine Hall, and 10th and 11th floor of
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New on DVD: “Real Steel”

Peder Aalgaard | Staff Writer | 2-1-2012 Mix together an old Twilight Zone episode, Rocky, and Rock ‘em’ Sock ‘em’ Robots and the result should resemble Real Steel. Hugh Jackman takes on the roll of Charlie Kenton, a down-on-his-luck boxer that is behind the times. Keaton was a boxer during a time when humans would fight other humans, but in 2020 the crowd has demanded more violence and pushed humans
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Portion of Tunnel System Remains Closed, Inconveniencing Students

[caption id="attachment_1215" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Birch tunnels remain closed for the semester. Photo by Patrick Rudlang"][/caption] Peder Aalgaard | Staff Writer | 1-29-2012 Birch Hall continues to be renovated by contractors and Bemidji State University staff. It is expected to be completed for the upcoming fall semester with a brand new interior and fancy features that will be as good as Linden. That is the future being promised to the students.

New on DVD: “Super”

Peder Aalgaard | Staff Writer | 1-25-2012 The early twenty-first century seems to be the time of superhero movies to gain popularity in the media. The more mainstream of these movies are usually based on comic book characters like Batman, Spider-Man, and Thor. However, there are a few super hero-based films that do not rely on other material for a plot and characters. Enter “Super”, an independent movie written and